Lorene Lynn Mies of the Bankruptcy Minute appears to have Medically Retired

The Bankruptcy Minute

A fine attorney and a nice person, Lorene Lynn Mies of the Bankruptcy Minute, has apparently medically retired.

She was one of Murrieta’s finest bankruptcy attorneys and I hope she’ll be well and back to her old self again soon.

I don’t know Lorene’s condition, but I have great respect for her as a person and attorney. I teased her once in a blog post that a minute was a short consultation and got an earful for it.  Once I got to know her I realized that she’s a good person as well as a good attorney. Keep her in your prayers.

There are a couple of things that come to mind, first, if you don’t have life insurance, you need it.  Second if  you don’t have disability and long term care insurance, you need that too.

Three quarters of us will require care before we die.  Yet, less than about 25% of us even have life insurance and fewer still have disability and long term care. Requiring such care when uninsured for it will devastate your family’s finances. Don’t let that happen to you.

Update as of 10/30/13 

I’ve heard just this morning on 10/30/2013 that the Travis Law Firm is no longer taking Lorene Mies’ clients unless those client’s cases have already been filed with the court. I also understand that Ms. Mies has in fact herself filed for bankruptcy. Her bankruptcy attorney is Carey Pickford.

Carey C Pickford 
Pickford Law Office
38975 Sky Canyon Dr Ste 112
Murrieta, CA 92563

If you have already paid her a retainer but your bankruptcy case has not been filed, and therefore she owes you your money back, then I suggest you check with Attorney Pickford.

However, if you have paid for your bankruptcy to Ms. Mies and if your case has not yet been filed and you still want to file it, I recommend you telephone me directly at 951-200-3613 to file your case. While I cannot credit you any of the fees you have paid to her, my prices are competitive.

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3 Responses to Lorene Lynn Mies of the Bankruptcy Minute appears to have Medically Retired

  1. Ann says:

    They handled our bankruptcy, what a horrible experience. We met with her for the free consultation and she talked about how she would be there to answer any questions and we never spoke with her again only her senior assistant. Now 18 months later I need help with something pertaining to our case and have no number to call.

    • David Nelson says:

      If you have paid Attorney Mies and if your bankruptcy was already filed, you should contact Donna Travis at the Travis Law Firm in Riverside for any questions. I’m sorry your experience with her was what it was. When she was not ill, her firm’s service was always exemplary. Of course, anyone whose case with Lorene has not yet already been filed, even if you have paid Lorene, should call me directly I’m happy to help and I’m local here in Murrieta.

  2. Amber Esquibel says:

    I just found this…. I’ve emailed and called and had no response. When she suddenly closed down her office, we had given her our paperwork 2 days prior. They didn’t do ANYTHING on our case, we had to scramble to find another Attorney, and thankfully, just received our discharge. We paid her $1600. At the absolute LEAST, she owes us our filing fee because she did not file our case. I am glad to have found your post, but I am furious!! We received 2-3 emails from her Assistant, telling us that we would receive any refund due to us in 30 days, once accounting was settled. And then she goes and files bankruptcy?! We had to pay for our bankruptcy twice! So mad……

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