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Don’t Kiss Your Hard Earned Cash Good-bye

File Bankruptcy Instead. Did you know that paying off $60,000 in credit cards at 20% interest in minimum payments will take decades and you’ll pay nearly $200,000 back in payments of nearly $2000 per month? Did you know that if … Continue reading

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What to do When You’ve Forgotten a Creditor

FORGOTTEN CREDITORS Chapter 7 If you forgot a creditor, do you still owe it when your case is over?  In most Chapter 7 cases, no you don’t. Of course the analysis is different for the different chapters of bankruptcy.  In … Continue reading

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Debt Consolidation

Non-Profit Debt Consolidation There are tons of non-profit debt consolidators in the Murrieta and Temecula areas.   In general what they do is, set you up with a debt consolidation plan.  One place put it this way, “You will be able to combine most, … Continue reading

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How to get Credit Reports?

EXPENSIVE CREDIT REPORTS If you walk in with 3 credit reports that are a mile long each, I’m going to get your credit reports from my service, download them directly into my software and charge you for it. For a … Continue reading

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$100 Starts

Bankruptcy $100 Starts You may have read this before. But what does it really start? You think you’re getting a cheap bankruptcy or an affordable bankruptcy, but what are you getting really? Your chapter 7 case will not be filed … Continue reading

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$799 Bankruptcy Sometimes you can find it. Most of the time however, like what I’ve encountered here in Southern Riverside area of California, usually, it’s a bait and switch. They claim that you’ll get a cheap bankruptcy and when you … Continue reading

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