Father’s Day

Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of foreclosure sales scheduled exactly on the day after any Sunday Holidays. Sunday holidays like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, they probably have the highest number of foreclosure sales than any other day of the year.  You probably haven’t noticed, why would you?  That’s my job.

Usually what happens is that your realtor, who is doing a short sale or a loan modification for your is told on Thursday or Friday that your deal is not going to go through and wouldn’t you know it, your foreclosure sale date is Monday.  Good grief. 

If you’re a bank, happiness is a Trustee’s sale on a Monday. 

Foreclosure companies are counting on the idea that attorneys will be too busy to file a bankruptcy on a Saturday or a Sunday Night especially if that Sunday Night is also Father’s Day. 

They assume that bankruptcy attorneys won’t take time away from their families to help a person who is in financial need and about to lose their house.  But they didn’t count on me.  I’m there to help you when you need me the most.

Not only because it will help your family to save a home though sometimes it’s only for a few more months, and not only because it’s a pay day for me.  But the real reason I do it, and take a bit of time away from my family on a father’s day is to shove in the foreclosure company’s face!

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