Lake Elsinore Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can make it possible for you to hold on to your Lake Elsinore real estate. Did you know that rather than losing your home in a foreclosure or short sale there is a better plan?  If you’ve been out of work for a while and recently started working again, and if you’re behind on your house payments, a chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the right plan for you. 

If the mortgage company won’t give you enough time to pay off the missed payments and if it won’t give you a loan modification, then ask yourself, can you pay the regular mortgage payments if they’d just let you?  Do you owe credit cards or have a high car payment?  Because if you could pay the mortgage payment if they would just let you and if you could reduce your car payment and slash your credit card payments, then those payments could be used to pay off the missed house payments over 5 years at 0% interest.

You can restructure all of your debt including your mortgages, and with this strategic move you can get your life back. Meeting with the attorney will take less time than fitting all those game pieces together from the grocery store to see if you won the million dollars. The difference is you never win at those games, even after all of the money you’ve spent.

Unlike the lottery, you always win with a Lake Elsinore Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. 13 is your lucky number.  If you haven’t been a Bankruptcy Attorney for the past 17 years, you will probably not be skillful enough to carefully fit your financial circumstances together with the complicated Chapter 13 Bankruptcy rules. You need expert help. 

Putting your head in the sand is the easy way out, but things will not get better while waiting things out. You need to get in there to speak with the Attorney while there is still time to actually help you.  He will give you different strategies because he can see things in a way that you can’t. He has helped thousands of people with their bankruptcies already so he won’t be experimenting on you to “see if this might work”.

Who you choose as your attorney matters.  You wouldn’t go to a dermatologist for brain surgery. So don’t go to your uncle’s divorce lawyer for a bankruptcy.  Don’t go to your sister’s car accident attorney reorganize and consolidate your debts.  Mr. Nelson has done Bankruptcy for the entire existence of his practice, he didn’t just try a few cases out for the first time when the economy went sour.

Lots of Attorneys have come at the last minute from other areas of practice such as family law, business planning and construction defect.  Trying their hand at doing Bankruptcy because people with no home equity and no 401k left have no money to pay a divorce lawyer and less need to see one.  Not only has Mr. Nelson been a bankruptcy attorney since 1994, he lived in Tuscany Hills in Lake Elsinore for two years and knows the area.  Knows what the properties are worth.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy could even make it possible to remove your second mortgage from your home while still holding on to ownership of your property. You want to keep your car and your things while at the same time getting rid of a ton of your debt.  So call to speak with the Attorney to hear about your options. It’s how to “Get Your Life Back”. Remember, faith and fear cannot exist together at the same time, call 951-200-3613 to see Mr. Nelson so you can stop worrying. 

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