Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling

I just recently came across a new one, or at least new to me.

I like this one so far because of the price:  $9.95 per household.  For both the Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Credit Counseling and for the Post-Filing Debtor Education Course which is also called by the US Trustee’s Office a course in financial management. 

While it’s an insult to most of us, that we should have to take a course in financial management after Wall Street’s greedy bankers duped the Real Estate Industry into helping them tank the entire world’s economy, it’s still a requirement at this time.  You cannot get a Bankruptcy Discharge without it.

Prior to filing your bankruptcy, you must do a Pre-Filing Credit Counseling course and receive a certificate at the end of the counseling and you must do this prior to filing your case.  If you are under exigent circumstances and you do not have the time to complete the pre-filing counseling, you may petition the Court by filing a request to allow the filing of your bankruptcy petition to move forward and then you may be given by the court, some extra time to complete it.  However, if you file it without the extra paperwork or motion to extend the time to file the certificate, then your case will immediately be dismissed and all your money tossed out the window.  Besides, it only takes about 30 to 45 minutes to do it.  I have people do it in my office while I am typing their bankruptcy petition which in most cases will take at least 2 hours minimum anyway.  There’s really no excuse to not get this done prior to filing your bankruptcy. 

Post Filing Debtor Education Course or Financial Management Course Certificate

Prior to attending your bankruptcy hearing, y0u must complete the Debtor Education Course.  The Debtor Education Course or Financial Management Course is the true class or education course that you have to take.  Prior to filing you have counseling, which is designed to see if you can avoid a bankruptcy in the first place.  Behind the Education Course is the purpose to help you avoid ever filing another bankruptcy again.  If anything, this course should be required when you’re in college before they give you a student visa card. 

Debtor Education Course

Post Filing Pre Hearing

After you File Your Case you MUST also do a Debtor Education Course (CLICK HERE FOR THE $15 COURSE) prior to the hearing date.

Give them my email:  and Fax: 8582289763

If your case was filed in San Diego, then your case is in the SOUTHERN DISTRICT of California.  If your case is in San Francisco, then your case is in the NORTHERN DISTRICT of California.  If your case is in Riverside, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, then your case is in the CENTRAL DISTRICT of California.

When it asks you to put in your case number, just enter the numbers and leave out the letters.