Hearing Instructions

341a Meeting of Creditors

You must have your driver’s license and social security card with you at the hearing. 

Santa Ana has extensive security checks, you must arrive early or it could take quite a while to get through if you are not early.  Which could make you miss your meeting.

Approximately 30 to 40 days after your case is filed, you will have a hearing called a 341a Meeting of creditors, which you must attend.  You must have your driver’s license and social security card with you at the hearing.  If you do not have social security card, you can bring a letter from the social security administration stating your name and social security number, or an original w-2 or 1099 to prove the number.  You must also bring a valid picture ID will do such as a California ID or a passport.

YOU MUST turn in your TAX RETURNS to the Trustee at least 2 weeks prior to the hearing date.  If you require more time you must tell me so that I can inform the Trustee.  If the Tax Returns are not turned in on time, your case can be dismissed by the Trustee.

If your case was filed as a Chapter 7 in San Diego, you are required to turn in quite a lot more documentation.  Click Here now to go to your Required Documentation Page. 

Riverside Chapter 13 Trustee Rod Danielson’s 341a check list or hearing CheckList.  You must read this immediately.  There is one thing that is not listed that he does require, you must turn in your Car Insurance Declaration’s Page, or the page that shows the different types of coverages on your car insurance. 

Debtor Education  Course

You must complete your Debtor Education Course prior to the hearing, if you have already filed your case click here for the 2nd course or Debtor Education Course. $9.95 per Household.

If you’re new to the site, please take a moment and fill in the online questionnaire. FILL IN THE QUESIONNAIRE

Hearing Locations

The Riverside Location is 3801 University Ave, Room 100, Riverside, CA  92501.  It’s a big red brick building between Mission Inn Ave and University Ave. There is parking in at various metered spots on the street or in the back between the bus depot and the police station.  Additional parking is available in the structure next to the office building where the hearing rooms are located.

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San Diego Bankruptcy Meetings of Creditors or 341a hearings are held at 402 West Broadway in the Emerald Plaza Hotel on the 6th Floor Downtown San Diego 92101, I usually park in Horton Plaza and walk over, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  If you’re unable to walk that far, there’s parking under the building and lots nearby which are all a few dollars cash.

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The Santa Ana Bankruptcy Court is located at 411 West 4th Street in Santa Ana, CA 92701.  I have usually been able to find metered parking across the street and there’s a parking garage down the street for a reasonable fee.

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The Los Angeles hearings are almost always a bear on parking, there are lots which are several blocks away and it’s always a hike unless you have someone who can go with you and be your get away driver.  If someone can drop you off and go and find parking at their leisure great.  If not, plan an extra hour for the traffic jams and an extra half hour parking and an extra hour for the fact that it’s LA. 

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If you’re in Southern California and at a distance, ask about a house call. I’ll drive up to 75 miles, I’ve driven to Yucca Valley, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, San Bernardino, Corona, Anaheim, Orange, San Diego for house calls. However, if you want a house call, I require that you pay me in full, in cash before we start.

Murrieta Office Location

Bankruptcy Attorney David L Nelson
24630 Washington Ave, 202
Murrieta, CA 92562

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