I Buy Gold

“Sell Your Gold”

By now you have seen numerous advertisements to “sell your unwanted Gold for cash,” or to “Sell your unwanted silver for cash.” Since you’re at this site, then you probably are also wondering how you can pay for your attorney’s fees.  It’s easier than it sounds.  Trade your unwanted gold and silver to me as a trade against your attorney’s fees.  Save the middle man.  I will take your gold and silver as a trade against your attorney’s fees for more than the local coin shops will pay you for it, and save you trouble of going through the middle man.   

Gold Into Cash

You don’t need to turn your gold and silver into cash if you’re going to use that cash to pay your bankruptcy attorney anyway.  And this way the middle man doesn’t need to profit off of you on top of paying an attorney to handle your case.  If you have more gold than the price of your bankruptcy, then I can at least give you an idea what you can expect to get paid for it. 

I Buy Gold

I was listening to an I Buy Gold radio commercial the other day, and the radio voice said that a person had sold a gold coin that cost $20 in 1927 and received over $1400 when they sold it. 

Here’s the ridiculous thing about this commerical, of course it cost $20 in 1927, back then your gold coins were worth face value.  In 1927 it was a $20 gold peice.  When that person sold that coin, and got only $1400 gold was probably trading at $1500 which just on the value of the gold was a cut in price of $100.  But more importantly, the value of the rare coin was probably ignored.  If it was in bad condition it would still sell for a couple hundred more than price of the gold in it. 

Additionally, any gold and silver you have left over is an asset that you must declare in your bankruptcy petition.  I can tell you how much of you can keep and still file your bankruptcy.  In most cases, you can keep all of it, file your bankruptcy, and get out of debt.

Lastly if you’d prefer to go to a dealer or if you have a rare coin in good condition or if your coin is worth more than the value of your bankruptcy, then you’ll need a reputable dealer to help evaluate the value of your coin and who can afford to pay you cash immediatley.  I recommend Chapparal Coin Company in Murrieta, CA.  Located on Washington Ave in Old Town Murrieta, their shop is right by me.